Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Felony and Misdemeanor Filing Rates

The District Attorney’s Office is utilizing science and data to craft thoughtful and humane policies that enhance public safety, target the root causes of criminal behavior, and build healthier communities. For the first time, the office is using data to shape its approach to holding people accountable and providing trauma-informed services to victims and survivors of crime. Through the publication of data, transparency has increased, giving the residents of Los Angeles County access to information that demonstrates the office’s commitment to keeping them safe.
Felony Filing Rates
Public safety is the overriding priority of the office as shown by the almost identical rate in which felony cases have been filed in Los Angeles County starting in 2019.  
Misdemeanor Filing Rates
Despite a drop in the overall number of misdemeanor cases filed, the filing rate for misdemeanor crimes not associated with addiction also has remained consistent since 2019. The office no longer prosecutes certain misdemeanor crimes, such as public intoxication, simple possession of narcotics for personal use and possession of drug paraphernalia. Instead, the office seeks to address the root causes of these crimes through treatment in an effort to reduce future criminal behavior. 
* Figures do not include filings of Health & Safety Code 11377 (possession of methamphetamine and other narcotics), 11364 (possession of drug paraphernalia), 11350 (possession of a controlled substance), 11550 (under the influence of a controlled substance) and Penal Code 647(f) (public intoxication). 
Total Misdemeanor Filing Rates
Addiction-Related Misdemeanor Filing Rates