This Preliminary Report of the Countywide Prevention Metrics is the result of nearly three years of coordination and collaboration between the Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection and the Office of the Chief Information Officer with various County partners and stakeholders that comprised of the University of Southern California’s Children’s Data Network, Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Health Services (DHS), Department of Mental Health, Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Public Social Services, First 5 LA, LA Best Babies Network, Los Angeles County Child Support Services, Los Angeles County Library, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation, Los Angeles Unified School District, DHS's Office of Diversion and Re-Entry, DPH's Office of Violence Prevention, Probation, University of California, Los Angeles, Women, Infants, and Children, and Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services Department. With full recognition that this is not an exhaustive list, we would like to say a special thank you to all who contributed to and collaborated on the contents of this preliminary report, including:
Gary Akopyan
Debbie Allen
Christina Altmayer
Jerry Aoki
Linda Aragon
Henry Bermudez
Margaret Chao
Genie Chough
Cindy Chow
Felicia Cotton
Yan Cui
Esmeralda Delgado
Benny Deng
Katie Dingman
Emily Dossett
Maritza Dubie-Uribe
Barb Dubransky
Irene Dyer
Andrea Lane Eastman
Sheila Early
Pia Escudero
Luther Evans
Kellie Figoten
Heather Firchow
Kelly Fischer
Todd Franke
Regan Foust
Sara Gaeta-Anguiano
Alicia Garoupa
Kalene Gilbert
Alma Golla
Sharlene Gozalians
Lauren Greenawalt
Rae Han
Darcy Hastings
Debbie Innes-Gomberg
Ashaki Jackson
Patricia Lester
Jonna Lewis
Greg Lindner
Diana Liu
Catherine Martinez
Melinda Mayoral
Anthony Montanez
Douglas Morales
Lindsey Palmer
Vijay Panati
Faith Parducho
Angela Parks-Pyle
Irene Pelayo
Angel Perdomo
Emily Putnam-Hornstein
Karissa Reynoso
Nicole Richardson
Jose Rivas
Louise Rollin-Alamillo
Erin Saleeby
Paul Simon
Isabelle Sternfeld
Max Stevens
Michael Sylvester
Noribel Taguba
Kara Taguchi
Kanchi Tate
Shannon Thyne
Erika Torres
Regina Waugh
Andrea Welsing
Shannon Whaley
Robert Woolridge
Thida Van
Trevor Zemp
We especially want to express gratitude to our dedicated Prevention Leads Workgroup and Data Workgroup members, past and present, including Cheryl Wold, Armando Jimenez, Anthony Gómez, Jacquelyn McCroskey of the University of Southern California’s Children’s Data Network, John Wagner of First 5 LA, Kimberly Hall of First 5 LA, Agnieszka Rykaczewska of First 5 LA, Reid Meadows of First 5 LA, Rochelle Alley, and Katie Fallin Kenyon for their expert guidance and thoughtful input on the development of a comprehensive list of prevention metrics.
Special thanks to those who participated in the Socrata Workshops, whose creativity and contributions helped to lay the foundation for the Countywide Prevention Metrics.
We would like to also express our gratitude to Ricardo Basurto-Davila, Mark Greninger, Peter Loo, and Bill Kehoe at the Office of the Chief Information Officer, and Carrie Miller at the Office of Child Protection, for guidance and input, especially in the early stages of development of the metrics.
Lastly, we offer heartfelt thanks to Department leadership for their commitment, dedication, and collaboration in creating and measuring the Countywide Prevention Metrics.