Housing For Health - Successes

A total of 22,463 clients were enrolled from 2011 to 2018 in Permanent Supportive Housing, Rapid Re-Housing, Stabilization Program, Medical Recuperative Care Program and the Sobering Center
  • 40% were Black/African American
  • 31% were Hispanic/Latino
  • 67% were male
  • 27% were ages 50-59

In a recent evaluation of the HFH Permanent Supportive Housing Program, RAND found that post-housing, there was:
example of success
Source: RAND, Evaluation of Housing for Health Permanent Supportive Housing Program, 2017
The Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool
  • Launched: January 2014 by Housing for Health
  • Mission: Quickly and Effectively House Homeless
  • Housing Types: Supportive; Affordable; Private Market Housing; Project-Based Housing
  • Product Types: Single Units; Blocks of Units; Entire Buildings